One Box of Floss:
– Boxed floss is the traditional method and can reach into every crevice, ensuring that the entire mouth is kept clean.

Two Daily Brushings:
– It is important to brush your teeth in the morning and at night with fluoride toothpaste to remove food and plaque build-up.

Three Minutes of Brushing:
– Make sure you spend 2-3 minutes brushing your teeth, if you spend a less amount of time your teeth are more likely to stain as you won’t remove as much plaque from your teeth.

Four Corners of the Mouth:
– Spend time brushing each corner of your mouth, you can count to 30 seconds for each corner.

Five Times for Flossing:
– You can never floss too much, unless you are flossing incorrectly. Flossing five times a day may seem like a lot, but after you eat a snack or meal it helps wipe away any leftover food debris!

Six Monthly Check-ups:
– It is important to schedule your semi-annual dental appointment to find any issues early and to prevent complex future treatments from occurring.

Seven Fluoride Treatments:
– There are many ways you can protect your teeth with fluoride, (1) Brush with fluoride toothpaste, (2) Use fluoride mouthwash, (3) Request a fluoride treatment at your next visit to the dentist, (4) Chew fluoride supplements, (5) Drink water from the tap, or (6) Drink distilled or bottled water, (7) Don’t stop brushing your teeth!

Eight Patients Daily:
– Dental Hygienists see on average 8 patients a day, treating them to make sure their oral hygiene is in great shape.

Nine Thousand Taste Buds:
– On the tongue, roof of the mouth, and throat there are nine thousand taste buds!

Ten Day Lifespan:
– The average life expectancy of a tastebud is 10 days.

Eleventh Most Prevalent Condition:
– Periodontal Disease was ranked the 11th most prevalent condition in the world.

Twelve More Teeth:
– Most adults have 32 teeth which is 12 more than children.

We are wishing you a happy holiday season this year! If you are in need of dental services call us today!