Crown and Bridge

Located in Ozark, MO Fremont Hills Dental Centre offers patients safe, effective treatment for cracked and broken teeth, including fillings, same-day restorations, and radiation-free evaluation and assessment, so patients can enjoy optimal oral health and avoid the risks associated with many more traditional treatment approaches.

What causes cracked and broken teeth?

Teeth can become cracked or broken for many reasons, including untreated decay, trauma and personal habits, like chewing on ice or persistent tooth grinding or clenching. Once the tooth structure is compromised, if it isn't properly treated, the tooth is much more likely to become badly decayed or infected.

How are broken and cracked teeth treated?

That depends on the extent of the damage. Some teeth may be treated with crowns or onlays, while teeth that are badly broken and damaged may require extraction and replacement with a dental implant or bridge Fremont Hills Dental Centre uses the most advanced, conservative methods of treatment for restorations that are durable and patient-friendly.

We utilize Cerec for cracked, broken, or teeth needing large fillings.  Cerec is a one day service eliminating the need for impressions or a temporary crown or bridge.  Your crown or bridge will be ready in less than 2 hours.